Department of Surgery of the training and research institute of postgraduate education


Clinical basis of the department includes surgical department of Ternopil municipal hospital  2 in 106 beds, surgical department of regional hospital in 30 beds.


Address:. R.Kupchynsky Street, 14, Ternopil, 46023

Tel.: (0352) 268180, 268148.


The Head of the Department Prof. Dziubanovskyy Igor Ya.


 The Department of Surgery of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education was founded on May 1, 1979. From 1979 it was headed by MD, Prof. A.S.Hadzhiyev. From 1980 to 1985the head of the department was MD, Prof. V.H.Mykuliak. From 1985-1992 the head of the department was Prof. L.N.Horomskyy. From 1992 to 1994 the department was headed byMD, Prof. I.Ya.Dziubanovskyy, from 1995 till 1998 it was headed by Prof. O.N.Kit. In 1998, the department was headed by Prof. I.Ya.Dziubanovskyy.  In 2012-2014 the department was headed by Prof. V.B. HoschynskyIn 2014, the department again was headed by Prof. I.Ya.Dziubanovskyy.

      Clinical facilities of the department include surgical department of Ternopil municipal hospital  2 with 106 beds, surgical department of regional hospital with 30 beds.



      The Head of Department: MD, Professor Dziubanovskyy Igor Ya.

      Professors: MD Hoschynsky V.B., Biguniak V.V.

      Associate professorscandidate of med. sciences Benedict V.V., candidate of med. sciences Pyatnochka V.I., candidate of med. sciences Svystun R.V.candidate of med. sciences Gerasymets Yu. M., candidate of med. sciences Poliatsko K.G.

      Assistant professors: candidate of med. sciences Zima I.Ya, Bobyak I.G.

      Resident doctors: Viytovych L.Ye.



The department staff




      The department provides training for interns-surgeons of the first, second and third years of study, trainee-surgeons, students of pre-certification courses in specialty "Surgery", interns and doctors of the course "General practice - family medicine", thematic cycles of professional improving "Selected issues of surgery.


Doctors’ training is performed within the following cycles:

1. Pre-certification training of the doctors is conducted on the self-financing basis, in the following specialties:

 - "Surgery", the price - 1447 UAH.

 Duration of the cycle - 1 month.

 2. Training of doctors-interns is performed on the stage of specialization free of charge or on the contract basis in "Surgery". Cycle duration - 3 years (12 months at the department, 24 months - on correspondence course). Cost of training  - 2660 UAH per month.


Educational plan for 2016

During the recent years, the department has conducted visiting pre-certification cycles in Rivne regions.

In the process of interns and trainee-doctors teaching the following facilities are used: test computer programs for training and cetification, compact disks on different themes ofsurgery, information from the Internet and library funds of I. Ya. HorbachevskTernopil State Medical University and Ternopil Regional Medical Library.



Trainee-surgeons are working at the computer class.


Department staff participated in the preparation of textbook  "Hospital Surgery", manuals "Clinical Surgery", “Emergency surgery", "Standards of diagnosis and treatment ofemergent surgical diseases of organs of the abdominal cavity," "Surgery" CD “Abdominal hernia”. Moreover, in collaboration with the Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine, Professor Leonid Y. Kovalchuk monograph "Surgery of damping-syndrome", atlas of operations on the abdominal organs and the anterior abdominal wall.




      Optimization of operative treatment methods of basic surgical diseases of abdominal organs in age-specific aspect, preventive treatment of organic and functional disordersafter operations on organs of the gastroduodenal and pancreas-billiary regions taking into consideration distant results. In this regard, the department conducts serious research ofgastric and duodenum motor activity with duodenal stenoses and operated stomach diseases. Operative methods of intervention have been introduced in practice: piloroantrumsustaining resection of the stomach, different methods of vagotomies in combination with duodenoplastic, piloroplasticsustaining of gastric pacemaker innervation.Methods of surgical correction of functional stomach i duodenum disorders, damping-syndrome, Roux syndrome have been developed; syndrome of enteral insufficiency at intestinal obstruction, markers of cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, enterocytes damage at bowel obstruction, pancreatitis and peritonitis are being investigated.

At the present time (2009-2012) teachers of the department work on the complex research "Development and improvement of new technologies of early diagnosis and operative treatment of surgical diseases on the basis of evidence-based medicine". Implementation of the tasks of this research will help to develop the algorithm and evaluate the effectiveness of sonographic, endosonographic, videoendoscopic, roentgenoscopic methods of diagnosis of acute and chronic surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity, to develop indications for use of sonographic intervention, endosonographic, videoendoscopic and roentgenoscopic mini-invasive interventions in patients with major surgical diseases of abdominal cavity, to develop new and improve existing methods of sonographic, endosonographic, videoendoscopic and roentgenoscopic mini-invasive interventions operating at different surgical diseases, allowing a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the developed and improved sonographic, endosonographic, videoendoscopic and roentgenoscopic interventions with traditional methods of treatment in patients with acute and chronic surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity.

Over the last 5 years more than 120 scientific papers, 26 patents for inventions, 3 monographs, a newsletter have been published by the department staff in scientific journals, educational CD has been prepared, 11 doctoral thesis have been defended, 8 doctoral, 26 candidate's theses have been reviewed, two nationwide conferences have been carried out, 27 presentations at national and international conferences have been made.

      At the present moment the department staff works on two doctoral and 12 candidate's theses.


Clinical work


       Teaching staff provides planned and emergent surgical treatment and consultation for the population of city and region. The department performs operations on abdominal and anterior abdominal wall by endoscopic technologies, as well as reconstructive and restorative surgery.


Patients rounds, conducted by Professor Dziubanovskyy Igor Ya.


Under the direct supervision of the department international scientific-practical conference under the title "New trends in the surgery of the diseases of hepatobiliary system and gastrointestinal tract" (2011) has been performed and "Actual problems of Surgery" has been published as a result of the conference.

      The following scientific-practical conferences for surgeons have been organized: "Abdominal hernia", "Peritonitis", "Surgical urology", "Acute intestinal obstruction," "Aspects of acute appendicitis," "Non-ulcer gastrointestinal bleeding".

       Educational-methodological instructions for surgeons on the following topics have been worked out: "Surgical urology", "Acute intestinal obstruction," "Abdominal hernia", "Acute appendicitis".

       Over the past 5 years scientists of the department has published over 120 scientific papers, 26 patents for inventions, 3 monographs, educational CD, newsletter, defended 11 PhD theses.

       Nowadays at the department two doctoral and 12 candidate theses are being worked on.

 All teachers of the department have higher certification category. The department performs the wide range of surgeries on abdominal and anterior abdominal wall by invasive and endoscopic technologies, as well as reconstructive and restorative surgery.


Clinical facilities of the department


Department researchers developed and applied organ-sustaining operations on the stomach, complex of rehabilitation of patients after surgery, bowel intubation methods and types of laparostomy in patients with acute peritonitis and acute intestinal obstruction; mini-invasive surgeries for complications of necrotic pancreatitis, video endoscopic intervention in peripheral vessels of lower extremities, the application of synthetic materials in hernia surgery, puncture methods of cysts of liver, kidney, pancreas treatment have been introduced. A city center for the surgical treatment of hernias have been established.


Work in the operating room


Department of Surgery of the Faculty of postgraduate Education has close cooperative connections with the Department of Surgery and Endoscopy of M. Gorky Donetsk State Medical University.

Future prospects of the clinic:

 - Development, improvement and implementation of mini-invasive technologies in diagnosis and treatment of major surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity organs.

 - Organization of the center for morbid obesity treatment.

 - Implementation and improvement of clinical examination elements of patients surgical groups according to nosology and priority of their full recovery.